Legal Team Building

Kate Gower draws on her experience as a national team rower and as a litigator in complex, multi-party, multi-lawyer litigation, to build legal teams that get powerful results in court.

Kate connects with people. She illuminates the best way for groups to work as efficient, high functioning teams. She catalyzes legal teams to clarify five things:

  1. What is the goal?  A goal can be rowing for Olympic gold or bringing the best case possible to court, but if the group does not know what the goal is and if each person does not buy in to it, then it is unlikely they will function as a team and get the benefits that great teamwork generates.
  2. What are the tasks? One person might be able to hold all the things that need to be done in their head, but how does this information get out to the team? Kate catalyzes that conversation and uses the process of collecting the tasks as another way for each team member to buy into the common goal.
  3. What is the plan? A great team has a plan for reaching their goals.  More importantly, each team member is taking 100% responsibility for their part in reaching that goal. As a good plan unfolds, the team builds trust. Trust, or lack thereof, can make or break a team.
  4. What is success? Winning is success, but what about daily successes along the way? Kate illuminates these daily successes, and helps teams create feedback loops so that each success leads the team on to the next task, all building momentum towards the final, common goal.
  5. Who is the leader? Kate illuminates what each team needs from their leadership, and catalyzes team leaders to see and think about how they can provide efficient and effective leadership.


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