E-Trials in British Columbia this Fall

I am supporting a number of E-Trials in British Columbia this fall, so I will be back with the next Modern Law Blog post at the end of September.

E-Trials in British Columbia

Here are a few E-Trials in British Columbia (and beyond) to watch for:

If you are in Victoria, BC, look out for Cowichan Tribes et al. v. Canada et al. (Victoria File No. 14-1027), which is set to start as an E-Trial on September 9, 2019, in Courtroom 404.

If you are in Vancouver, BC, there has been some discussion about using Caselines in The Nutchatlaht v. BC et al. (Vancouver File No. S-170606) action, which would be an interesting test of the suitability of that E-Trial platform in the Aboriginal law environment.

If you are in Ontario, consider going to the Ontario Superior Court to view the Aboriginal Law case Saugeen Ojibway Nation v. AG Canada et al (ONSC Court File Nos. 94-CQ-50872CM and 03-CV-261134CM1). That E-Trial has been running since May of this year, and anyone keen to see it in action will find it in Toronto on the 5th floor, Canada Life Insurance Building at 330 University Ave. I am advised that is the only courtroom on that floor that is open (the others are all under construction).

Why this matters: Since my goal is to get everyone litigating on E-Trials by 2025, I look forward to adding updates on these and more E-Trials which will fire up this fall. I hope that lawyers who want to litigate electronically can use these stories to build on what is already happening in courts across Canada. I am also looking forward to TLABC’s day-long webinar set for Friday, November 15 of this year, which will cover technology that supports litigators throughout the life of a file: one of the five sessions will be Chantelle Cseh talking about how she uses iPads at Trial, and the other sessions look just as interesting.