E-Trial Expert speaks at PBLI’s Indigenous Conference

Kate Gower will speak as an E-Trial Expert
Gower Modern

I will speak as an E-Trial Expert at “Developments in Aboriginal and Indigenous Law 2020”, PBLI’s Conference in Vancouver BC, April 14-15, 2020. Co-chairs Karey Brooks and Robert Janes, Q.C have collected a solid cast of Aboriginal and Indigenous Law specialists to summarize a range of developments in the law – check out the Agenda.

I intend to show attendees how E-Trial platforms work by firing up an online case at the start of my talk. I’ll be showing people how I present my submissions in an E-Trial format, how I take notes on a document, and how I guide the judge and other parties to the pages I am referring to.

Then, I plan to let attendees know about the latest E-Trials in Canada, what E-Trial platforms were used, where and by whom. There are a series of cases making their way through the B.C. courts right now, and those E-Trial are giving people real, hands-on experience with the benefits and challenges to litigating electronically.

Why this matters: I notice that many conversations about electronic trials use abstract examples. I want to share real examples with other lawyers. That is what the Modern Law Blog is all about: gathering, in one place, stories of E-Trials that have happened and are happening across Canada so we can all learn from them.

When more lawyers and clients can say that they have seen how an E-Trial works, we will be able to make better decisions about running an upcoming hearing as an E-Trial. Lawyers are smart people, so I know they’ll have lots of questions about exactly how an E-Trial might work for their hearing and their practise. I have been tracking E-Trial trends in Canada and speaking as an E-Trial Expert for a couple of years now, and I look forward to answering them.