E-Trial Expert speaks at PBLI’s Indigenous Conference

I will speak as an E-Trial Expert at “Developments in Aboriginal and Indigenous Law 2020”, PBLI’s Conference in Vancouver BC, April 14-15, 2020. Co-chairs Karey Brooks and Robert Janes, Q.C have collected a solid cast of Aboriginal and Indigenous Law specialists to summarize a range of developments in the law – check out the Agenda. […]

Saik’uz E-Trial runs in Vancouver

The Saik’uz E-Trial is running in courtroom 44 at the Vancouver Courthouse before the Honourable Mr. Justice Kent. Note: While the citation (Thomas v. Rio Tinto Alcan Inc.) includes the surname of the first-named plaintiff, many refer to the case by the first-named First Nation, i.e. “Saik’uz”. At trial, Saik’uz First Nation and Stellat’en First […]

A E-Appeal in Nova Scotia

An E-Appeal in Nova Scotia sets the stage for more efficient and effective e-hearings in that province’s courts. After the successful electronic trial of R v. Colpitts, the appeal ran with an entirely electronic record. Jane O’Neill, Q.C. (co-counsel with Brian H. Greenspan for Daniel Potter) and her team prepared the record and submitted it […]

Nova Scotia E-Trial a Success

The Nova Scotia E-Trial of R. v. Colpitts, 2018 NSSC 40 was a success that set the stage for a paperless E-Appeal. At trial, the Crown proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendants, together with Clarke and ten unindicted co-conspirators, developed and implemented a multi-faceted scheme to manipulate the Knowledge House Inc. share price […]

E-Trial Costs – What the Evidence Shows

Evidence on E-Trial costs is coming in, showing real savings to be had in a paperless courtroom. In November, William MacLeod Q.C. presented at the Pacific Legal Technology Conference, and shared his calculations that going paperless saves 10% of the time in the conduct of trial, and 80% of the time in preparation for trial. […]

Evidence on E-Trials: Are they worth it?

Evidence on E-trials is still limited, but here are some numbers that support that E-Trials save time and money. E-Trials Save Time – The evidence suggests that E-Trials drop court days by about 20%. In Southwind v. Canada, counsel estimated 100 court days for the trial, but the E-Trial used only 72 days. In 2013, […]

Consent Orders for E-Trial get E-Trial into Court

The parties to Saugeen Ojibway Nation v. AG Canada et al (“SON”) (ONSC Court File Nos. 94-CQ-50872CM and 03-CV-261134CM1) signed but did not file two orders for E-trial which included an E-Trial Plan and a consent order for the two services providers (i.e., for the E-Trial Platform and for Realtime Reporting). The consent orders for […]

E-Hearings for Chambers Applications

E-Hearings are underway for lengthy chambers applications in The Nuchatlaht v. BC [VA 17-0606] before Justice Myers of the British Columbia Supreme Court. The Plaintiffs elected to argue their portion of three applications using the E-Trial platform, Caselines. This is the first time Caselines has been used in Canada for chambers applications. In their Claim, […]

Cowichan Tribes E-Trial well underway in Victoria

The Cowichan Tribes E-Trial entered its fourth week of evidence this week. Justice Young has heard the Plaintiffs’ opening statement and testimony from the first three witnesses. The court is now hearing evidence from the Plaintiffs’ fourth witness. As of October 1, 2019 – Day 16 of Trial – 38 exhibits have been presented to […]