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National “Model PD” on Technology in Civil Litigation

The Canadian Judicial Council posted a National Model Practise Direction for the Use of Technology in Civil Litigation in 2008. It has exactly the same words and template as BC’s Practise Direction (2006) and Alberta’s Practise Direction (first published in 2007, updated in 2011). Indeed, the press release that accompanied the National Model Practise Direction […]

BCSC’s PD on Electronic Evidence and E-Trials

The Supreme Court of British Columbia’s Practise Direction regarding electronic evidence and e-trials is dated July 2006. It was part of an early Electronic Evidence Project by the Supreme Court. It is the oldest practise direction I found in circulation. Other Practise Directions – such as the Canadian Judicial Council’s National Model Practise Direction for […]

What is an Electronic Trial (E-trial)?

An E-Trial is a trial that uses electronic technology, hardware (computers and monitors) and software (the programs that run on them and agreed-to protocols and processes), in place of some – or all – of the traditional paper processes. An e-trial may involve one or more of the following elements: 1. hardware to display evidence, […]