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A Short E-Trial is a Worthwhile E-Trial

The short e-trial of Westmount-Keele Limited v. Royal Host Hotels and Resorts, 2018 ONSC 5170 is an example of the benefits of doing shorter trials electronically. Westmount-Keele Limited was a commercial dispute where, in place of a mortgage, Westmount paid $2,200,000 into court to the credit of the court action and the issue before Justice […]

E-Trial Expert speaks at PBLI’s Indigenous Conference

I will speak as an E-Trial Expert at “Developments in Aboriginal and Indigenous Law 2020”, PBLI’s Conference in Vancouver BC, April 14-15, 2020. Co-chairs Karey Brooks and Robert Janes, Q.C have collected a solid cast of Aboriginal and Indigenous Law specialists to summarize a range of developments in the law – check out the Agenda. […]

Saik’uz E-Trial runs in Vancouver

The Saik’uz E-Trial is running in courtroom 44 at the Vancouver Courthouse before the Honourable Mr. Justice Kent. Note: While the citation (Thomas v. Rio Tinto Alcan Inc.) includes the surname of the first-named plaintiff, many refer to the case by the first-named First Nation, i.e. “Saik’uz”. At trial, Saik’uz First Nation and Stellat’en First […]

A E-Appeal in Nova Scotia

An E-Appeal in Nova Scotia sets the stage for more efficient and effective e-hearings in that province’s courts. After the successful electronic trial of R v. Colpitts, the appeal ran with an entirely electronic record. Jane O’Neill, Q.C. (co-counsel with Brian H. Greenspan for Daniel Potter) and her team prepared the record and submitted it […]

Nova Scotia E-Trial a Success

The Nova Scotia E-Trial of R. v. Colpitts, 2018 NSSC 40 was a success that set the stage for a paperless E-Appeal. At trial, the Crown proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendants, together with Clarke and ten unindicted co-conspirators, developed and implemented a multi-faceted scheme to manipulate the Knowledge House Inc. share price […]

E-Trial Costs – What the Evidence Shows

Evidence on E-Trial costs is coming in, showing real savings to be had in a paperless courtroom. In November, William MacLeod Q.C. presented at the Pacific Legal Technology Conference, and shared his calculations that going paperless saves 10% of the time in the conduct of trial, and 80% of the time in preparation for trial. […]

Evidence on E-Trials: Are they worth it?

Evidence on E-trials is still limited, but here are some numbers that support that E-Trials save time and money. E-Trials Save Time – The evidence suggests that E-Trials drop court days by about 20%. In Southwind v. Canada, counsel estimated 100 court days for the trial, but the E-Trial used only 72 days. In 2013, […]

Consent Orders for E-Trial get E-Trial into Court

The parties to Saugeen Ojibway Nation v. AG Canada et al (“SON”) (ONSC Court File Nos. 94-CQ-50872CM and 03-CV-261134CM1) signed but did not file two orders for E-trial which included an E-Trial Plan and a consent order for the two services providers (i.e., for the E-Trial Platform and for Realtime Reporting). The consent orders for […]

E-Hearings for Chambers Applications

E-Hearings are underway for lengthy chambers applications in The Nuchatlaht v. BC [VA 17-0606] before Justice Myers of the British Columbia Supreme Court. The Plaintiffs elected to argue their portion of three applications using the E-Trial platform, Caselines. This is the first time Caselines has been used in Canada for chambers applications. In their Claim, […]